Work session gives Board sense of direction

How to reconfigure the district was one of the Board’s main concerns Monday, after presenting a proposal last spring that the communities were adamantly against. But now, in an even tougher situation financially, they’re hand is forced to make some kind of decision. (Pat Racette Photo)

Dr. Roark Horn sat at the head of the table during a North Butler Board of Education work session Monday.

The Area Education Agency 267 Chief Administrator was brought in to help guide North Butler Community School District out of their negative unspent budget authority balance.

Horn, a former superintendent at Hudson, let them know he was there to facilitate conversation.

“I guess my goal would be that you don’t lose any momentum over the next six months,” he said. “You have a lot of things that would cause you to lose momentum; one of them is the finance aspect of it, and the other one is the tough decision with facilities…”

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