The Wood Knot

Josh and Karmyn Larsen create beautiful home decor items and furniture with wood. (Submitted photos.)

Josh and Karmyn Larsen offer a variety of beautiful woodwork—from signs and home décor to furniture—out of their home business in Clarksville, The Wood Knot.

     “It’s all done out of our garage. It’s just the two of us…” said Karmyn Larsen. “He can go out and make something in a really timely fashion. We just do it on the side as a hobby,” Larsen said.

     The couple works as a team. Karmyn helps with design ideas as she decorates her own home, and Josh sketches the ideas and turns them into a reality.

     “It runs in his family…” Karmyn Larsen said. “It’s a trait he inherited, and he embraces it; and he’s great at it.”



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