A trip to Germany

Joel and Rosemary Sult sit in the same spot Joel visited in Heidelberg in 1971. (Submitted photo.)

Joel and Rosemary Sult, of Allison, left for Germany on September 14 for three weeks. They visited four exchange students and cousins from Germany and Switzerland. They weren't able to visit Ilona, from Finland, on this trip. She was with the family as an exchange student in 1996-1997.
    The Sults flew into Hamburg, Germany and were met by Rosemary's cousin, Heike, from Minden. Fond memories were ignited as they reunited with many cousins. One night, the Meiers prepared 17 chickens on a rotisserie for 36 people. All was eaten! After visiting the family for only four days, they were off on another adventure.

                Before meeting their exchange student, they visited an emigration museum in Bremerhaven and looked up Rosemary's grandpa and grandma’s and several of their siblings' journey to the United States starting in 1923. The Sults were able to print off copies of the original papers of all of these relatives who left from Bremen and traveled by ship to New York, taking two to three months to arrive. Most were between the ages of 18 and 22. Both grandparents then traveled separately to Chicago where they met their sponsors with as little as $25 in their pockets. Eventually, the two met each other and were later married. 
    Next, the Sults journeyed back to the Hamburg area in Reinfeld, to their very first exchange student in 1994, Stefanie (Peters) Linnemann. She has been married to Dirk for six years and has two children. The Sults actually were blessed to go to their wedding. Playing with the children was a highlight along with visiting the famous city of Lubeck and the Baltic Sea. They spent a day renewing friendships with Sönke and Karin Peters, parents of Stefanie, and some of their dear friends. They are excited to announce that Stefanie and her family will be coming to the states for a visit next May!

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