Trees Forever sets goal to remove 30 ash

Clarksville Trees Forever Committee took a look at emerald ash borer identification guide cards last Thursday during a meeting. Committee member Jeff Kolb [second from right] handed out the cards to the committee, and left 100 at city hall for interested homeowners and residents to pick up. The card gives contact numbers if a tree is suspected to have EAB, as well as actual sizes of larvae and adult beetles. (Pat Racette Photo)

An inventory done last year by DNR tallied around 150 city trees as ash.

Costs of removing a single ash tree are estimated at $1,000, including stump grinding. The Trees Forever Committee set a goal to take down 30 of the most critical ash  [20 percent] at last Thursday’s meeting in city hall. 

However, Clarksville Trees Forever is working with the city to find out the best ways to save money and rid the most dangerous ash trees.

Read full story in the April 3 Clarksville Star.