Trees Forever to plant two new species in spring

New this year, Clarksville Trees Forever is offering any of the three tree species (chinkapin oak, American elm and hawthorn) to residents to purchase, as well as delivering them. Contact Borchardt at 278-1123 or Lloyd Calease at 278-4944 for more information.

The Trees Forever Committee decided to put their annual investments into two new species this year, including chinkapin oak and hawthorn.

The two trees were selected to diversify species in town, along with elm. Hawthorns are an ornamental tree with white flowers that blossom in spring; chinkapin oak is native in eastern and southern parts of the state. Also, the American elm cultivar is resistant to Dutch elm disease.

“We are trying to get trees that we haven’t had in the past or are not common in town,” said TF President Meredith Borchardt. “We’re using the inventory that the DNR did a couple years ago to guide us in species selection.  There are many maple, for example, so we are choosing other species to help diversify Clarksville’s overall tree population.”

Read full story in the Feb. 6 Star.