Tree removal, storm sewer cut into Clarksville city funds for 2014 FY

After tornadoes and storms wreaked havoc in Clarksville on June 16, about half the town’s storm debris laid east of Lynwood Cemetery the following week. (Pat Racette Photo)

The June 16windstorm came when city officials were wrapping up year-end finances for June 30.

To accommodate storm cleanup expenses, the city had to split the $60,000 cost of tree removal into two fiscal years. City clerk Larry Betts allocated $20,000 of the bill for June, with the remaining $40,000 pushed into July expenditures for the beginning of fiscal year 2015. 

ArborPro Tree Service of Fort Dodge cost the city $53,000 for removing and trimming trees in the right-of-way, with two other tree service companies costing around $7,000 for smaller work areas.

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