Trains on the Farm

Go back to the future and hop on Trains on the Farm in Clarksville. Relish moments of Davy Crockett at Fort Alamo, old West dusty downtown scenes, Lone Ranger's Frontier Town, Robinhood fleeing Nottingham, an albino in a herd of buffalo, a monkey balancing on a moving horse and much more. 
Trains on the Farm is an assortment of museums conjured up out of the mind of Francis Edeker. Born in 1945, Edeker has laid out scenes from Marx play sets that he was given as a child, then later either bought off Ebay or was offered to his collection.
His basement consists of these detailed play sets under, around and between toy trains that help to shed life into the historical displays. 
Read the full article in the July 11 edition of the Clarksville Star.  Photos by Pat Racette.