The Survivor: Allison man to release new book

> Councilman David Smith was sworn in on January 2. Here he stands with Mayor James Bockhus. Smith will be releasing a new book this month. (Bethany Carson photo.)

In 2015, David Smith released his first book, “The Servant.” This month the sequel, “The Survivor,” will be released. Editing and proofing are complete, and just now the final touches on the cover are being completed at Star Graphics in Allison.

     “The Survivor” will be available on Amazon Kindle, at city hall, and at various other locations in the area.

     The two books are works of historical fiction, telling the story of how Smith envisions the life of the Roman centurion who had the faith to believe Jesus could heal his servant. The story starts with the centurion’s father, and continues with the centurion’s son. Their lives are intertwined with historical happenings such as the fall of Jerusalem, the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, Masada, the spread of Christianity to Britannia and Iberia (Spain), and the ninth legion that disappeared without a trace in the Scottish Highlands.

     Smith follows Christianity and its development, and makes a point of trying to stick with historical facts as much as possible as a backdrop for his characters’ lives.


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