Secretary of ag tours Unverferth

Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey [left] chats with Unverferth operations manager Mike Van Mill before going into an expansion warehouse of the Unverferth plant in Shell Rock. (Pat Racette Photo)

Rural America wowed Bill Northey with its giant capabilities Monday.

The Iowa Secretary of Agriculture toured Butler County’s biggest employer, Unverferth Manufacturing Company located between Shell Rock and New Hartford. It was one of a couple ag-related businesses on the docket.

“You got spray booms that are 132 feet long, and may some day be 180 feet, and 2,000-bushel grain carts,” he said of Unverferth. “And simple things for a farmer to look at – an auger on a grain cart – is adjustable. You can set that auger down if it’s windy, and move it up.

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