School board tightens belt

“The board met in special session and decided that it was not acceptable for the Clarksville district to end the year with a drop in unspent balance to the projected levels,” said Foster.

The Clarksville school board is buckling down to ride out the storm of a dropping unspent balance due largely to declining student enrollment over the past few years.

     “At the end of fiscal year 2018 (the current year), the district has a projected unspent balance … of $530,000. At the end of fiscal year 2019, which ends June 30, 2019, we had projected an unspent balance of about $280,000,” said Superintendent Joel Foster.

     Although the situation is not yet dire, Foster believes a proactive approach is necessary to ensure students are properly educated, and the district survives.

            At a special meeting Wednesday, April 4, the school board voted not to replace positions vacated by the resignation of an elementary teacher and the vocal music director. Band teacher John Sundet is set to assume all K-12 music responsibilities. It was considered necessary to reduce one junior high/high school social studies position. 


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