RV Park Expansion proposed

This drawing by Dr. North shows the proposed RV Park Expansion for Wilder Park.

An expansion to the RV park at Wilder Park was proposed by Dr. George North, President of the Park Board, at the Allison council meeting Monday. The expansion would occupy land currently owned by Wilder Park. North anticipates the project would pay for itself in three to four years and start turning a profit for the park and the city.

     “The park board is wanting to expand the RV park primarily because of the demand last season. The park was full at least all of the weekends and holidays. … On at least four weekends, we turned away a minimum of 25 potential customers,” North said.

     North’s proposal would increase the park’s capacity by 20 sites. Of the new sites, 10 would offer full-season hookups.

     Originally full-season hookups were not a high priority for the park. Currently campers can stay for a two-week maximum unless granted an exception by the board. Contractors are often granted permission to stay, and this summer five or six contractors stayed at Wilder Park for the bulk of the season. North mentioned another half dozen contractors would have liked to have stayed, but were turned away. 


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