Residents appeal notice to remove pit bull from City

Whitney Ragsdale and Cody Hinz showed up at City Hall Thursday to appeal a notice to remove their dog from the City of Clarksville.

The Clarksville homeowners were served a seven-day notice Sunday (Jan. 5) by law enforcement to rid of their dog from City premises per ordinance (56.02), due to its pit bull breed mix.

Hinz held up a poster board of a pure bred pit bull in comparison to their dog that is mixed with the pit bull breed.

 “I got her as a puppy, and you can see she doesn’t look anything like that [pure bred pit bull],” Ragsdale said. “She more resembles a Vizsla/pointer…She has more hunting dog in her, and no past history of being aggressive at all.”

She also uses the dog therapeutically to deal with depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

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