Reading Park Complex taking shape

Since just this past summer, the eyesore [pictured from library ribbon-cutting ceremony] around the library has been revitalized, with Phase 1 finishing the parking lot, Greene Street improvement and new streetlights. (Pat Racette Photo)

Clarksville Community Visioning came up with a Library Park Master Plan to further enhance the public library area with a park and parking lot. 

Since last spring, the library block has gone from an eyesore to a revitalized Reading Park Complex.

“The library has so many people from out of town come to use the resources there for genealogy and history work as well as other meetings, etc.,” said Jeff Kolb, a City Councilman representative for the Visioning Committee. “We will now have an area that our community can be proud of. It is nice to finally have enough parking in the area. We recently hosted a regional training at the fire station, and the new parking lot was full.

“Even when Santa was at the library, it was nice to have adequate space.”

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