A New Year in Clarksville

Demolition of the buildings on Main Street. (Chad Lansing photo.)

New Year 2018 blew in with a fury of flurries delivering several inches of snow to Butler County along with sub-zero temperatures throughout the week.

     Looking back on 2017, Butler County residents think of a variety of adjectives: challenging, busy, purposeful, super, good, great, wonderful, fast, cold, interesting and memorable.

     In Clarksville, while the city hall fire and the demolition of buildings on Main Street made a lasting impression, residents say 2017 will be most remembered for the phenomenal performance of the girls’ softball team.

     “The girls’ softball team did so well with the state tournament,” said Mayor Val Swinton. “That put Clarksville in a good light. We’re proud of them, and it’s awesome to see. Clarksville had a lot of positive publicity from that.”


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