New owner at Allison Cafe

The Gashi family, Jzim, Lendita, Egzona, Zymrije, and Labinot stand with employees Jessica Lawson, Sheila Feldman, Jenna Rover, Em Beck, Sydnie Slocum, Leilani White and Sherrie Dreesman. (Bethany Carson photo.)

The Allison Café opened this summer on Main Street in Allison. As of January 2, it has a new owner—one determined to offer even better service and more selections than ever.

     While the same friendly staff will be there as always, the menu will expand this coming week to include not only the old favorites, but also new additions such as pasta, stir fries, and Monte Cristo sandwiches.

     “I’ve really liked cooking since I was a kid,” new owner Labinot Gashi said.

     Previously, Gashi worked in the kitchen at Sunset Family Restaurant in Manchester. He was living in Waterloo when he heard Bill Zeciii was selling the Allison Café to go into business at a restaurant in Cedar Falls. 


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