Lasting Love - Jerry and Joann Jacobs

Jerry and Joann Jacobs

Jerry and Joann Jacobs are life-long Clarksville residents who recently celebrated 50 years of marriage.

     They met in high school, and their first date was attending homecoming together as sophomores.

     They married at St. Mary’s in Greene three days before Jerry’s twentieth birthday. Joann was 18.

     To say the wedding didn’t go as planned would be an understatement. Joann’s mother was in the hospital and could not attend. Jerry’s car broke down the night before, and he didn’t have time to fix it before the wedding. And to top things off, during the reception, Jerry's grandma fell and broke her hip.


"“I think now a lot of young couples think everything has to be perfect right away. … They don’t try and work anything out, and they get upset over the small stuff and don’t talk it out…” said Joann Jacobs. “You just learn a lot of the things you are upset about are not important. I always think to get upset about something—somebody out there has it way worse than we do. Why get upset about something like not shutting a door or not putting the lid on the ketchup? It’s so minor when so many have it way worse off than we do with a lot of disabilities and stuff like that. Try to forgive.”

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