Firemen brave rural house fire in Artic-like conditions

Clarksville and Greene ambulance services aided the firefighters by providing heated places to warm up with hot cocoa.

Clarksville Fire and Ambulance responded to a house fire on the coldest day since 1965 Monday morning.

Nearly the full crew came back to fight the blaze at 14700 block of Royal Avenue – northwest of town.

Smoke ended up billowing out of D.W. Huisman’s home in the country, leaving it a total loss after five hours spent by firemen vanquishing the flames.   

Flames were already going through the roof and around the chimney upon the firemen’s arrival.

“It didn’t take long, and the roof was coming down,” said Clarksville Fire Chief Jon Myers. “It had been going a while in the walls and in the attic…it took a lot of water and cutting to get everything out."

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