Fiber Optic comes to Aredale and Bristow

Fiber optic is planned for the Aredale and Bristow areas by the end of this year.

Butler County residents in Aredale, Bristow and in the northwest corner of the county in the Dougherty exchange can expect higher internet speeds coming their way as Rockwell Telephone company plans to expand fiber optic to these areas by the end of the year.

     “We’re a coop, and we like to keep up with the latest and greatest,” said general manager David Severin. “We’re already serving there and wanted to give them the latest in communication needs. Fiber optic is the latest and greatest now.”

     The Butler County supervisors approved plans for 15 miles of fiber optic in the Aredale area, and 25 to 29 miles of fiber optic for the Bristow exchange. They also approved the Dougherty exchange project in the county at the supervisors’ meeting on February 6.


Read more in the February 22 edition of the Tribune.