Faces at North Butler: Meet special education teacher Sandra Lamborn

Special education teacher Sandra Lamborn hopes her students learn to try new things, become productive citizens and never give up. (Bethany Carson photo.)

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life,” is 6-12 grade special education teacher Sandra Lamborn’s favorite quote.

     Many people choose jobs simply on the basis of which job pays the highest salary. Lamborn believes the best part of her job is the opportunity to make a difference—and that’s what makes work fulfilling.

     “Every day I get to see somebody overcome or accomplish something, I feel I’ve been able to make a change in a small way,” Lamborn said.

     She started teaching in Greene 23 years ago, and said what makes North Butler a great school is that the faculty is willing to grow and learn and inspire kids to continue to learn and grow.


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