Faces at North Butler: Meet special education teacher Laura Schwickerath

Laura Schwickerath is a special education teacher and volleyball coach at North Butler. (Bethany Carson photo.)

For special education teacher Laura Schwickerath, every day is different. Her goal is to serve as a positive role model and impact her students’ lives in a positive way.

     The first few days of school have been a marathon for her, as she helps kids in classrooms and works one-on-one with students for the remainder of the day. Although she has a patient teaching style, she said she has high expectations of her students.

     Her favorite part of teaching is working with small groups or individuals and getting to know her students.

     “I think the staff [here] is like a family. We all get along really well. We’re willing to learn, but can joke around and have fun with each other. I love the size of the school. The community and smaller town makes everyone feel closer, as we know each other better,” Schwickerath said. 


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