EMS, city hall and streets

Funding has been included in Clarksville’s budget for a reserve police officer to also serve as an EMT.

At the Clarksville council meeting Monday evening, it was decided to demolish the old city hall. A bid for the 2018 street project was approved, and funding was budgeted for a reserve police officer to also serve as an EMT.

     The preliminary 2018/2019 city budget was reviewed. Included in the police department’s budget is the funding for Clarksville to potentially become the first city in Butler County to have a police reserve officer/EMT. The officer currently taking EMT classes will be tested in April, and if all goes well, will take on his additional responsibilities this next fiscal year.

     “One of our police officers in town during the day [will be able to] take EMT calls,” said councilman Jeff Kolb. “It is not adding another position.”

     Police chief Barry Mackey noted that the officer won’t be constantly on duty. Clarksville will still rely on its volunteer EMTs to provide coverage.


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