Emerald ash borer confirmed in Creston

Creston, the county seat of Union, is the fifth county in Iowa to confirm the discovery of the emerald ash borer. 

The insect pest is one of the most destructive to trees found in North America. The invasive specie kills all ash trees.

The Allison Tree Board reminds homeowners not to be concerned about preventive treatment for EAB unless the pest is within 15 miles of your residence.  

Also be aware of fly-by-night sales people that claim to have a magical cure for the pest.

Homeowners in the Allison area who wish to plant alternative trees are encouraged to see the ads in the February and March issues of the paper for a trees sale by the Allison Trees Forever Committee.

For bulletins on the identification and checking for the EAB, contact the ISU Butler County Extension Office in Allison.      Printed in the Jan. 2 Tribune and Clarksville Star.