Davis seeks reelection - One council seat remains open

Ron Davis is running for a second term on the Allison council. (Bethany Carson photo.)

Councilman Ron Davis is seeking re-election for a second term after serving on the Allison council for four years. With Scot Henrichs retiring as mayor, and Councilman James Blockhus running to fill that position, the remaining seat is left open for a write-in candidate.

     Davis chose to run for reelection because he believes there’s still more that needs to be accomplished, particularly with the sewer project and the streets.

     “We need to work on getting funding and figure out what’s the best way to accomplish it [better streets]—if we need to quit seal coating and go to paving, which would be longer lasting,” Davis said. “It may be costly, but in the long run better.”

     The council’s greatest accomplishment, Davis believes, is getting the Farm-to-Market paving done this year.


Read more in the October 12th edition of the Tribune/Journal.