Dairy, guesthouse take shape in rural Clarksville

The Dan Bolin and Pete Jensen families stand at the future guesthouse area of the new barn at New Day Dairy. Please see the Sept. 10 Clarksville Star and Butler County Tribune-Journal. (Mira Schmitt-Cash/Star-TJ)

  Each new day, an expanded dairy operation takes shape on 175th Street northeast of Clarksville.

  Dan and Lynn Bolin of rural Clarksville will take on more milking at the family farm, and in less than two years, they hope to take on tourists also, as New Day Dairy.

  Rather than patch a milking operation that has been in father Dave and son Dan Bolin's family for 125 years, Dan and wife Lynn are laying a new foundation — metaphorically as well as literally.

  "We're building this as a foundation instead of just a Band-Aid on what exists," Dan said.

  Please refer to the Sept. 10 Clarksville Star and Butler County Tribune-Journal for the story.