Courthouse spotlight: Butler County Treasurer

Staff at the Butler County Treasurer's office, from left, are: Ashley Bangasser, Deb Wangsness, Linde Jannsen, Treasurer Vicki Schoneman, Roxie Nicolaus and Angie Freese. (Bethany Carson photo)

At the Butler County Treasurer’s office, accuracy is key, and offering friendly customer service is a way of life.

     As Butler County Treasurer, Vicki Schoneman oversees the Property Tax Department, the Motor Vehicle Department and the Driver’s License Department, assisted by deputy treasurers Deb Wangsness, Roxie Nicolaus and Angie Freese and drive examiners Ashley Bangasser and Linde Janssen.

Property Tax Department

     The treasurer’s office collects real estate taxes, mobile home taxes, and is certified by the cities to collect special assessments (such as for curb and gutter).

     While the auditor’s office pays the bills for the county and computes the levies based on the budgets of taxing authorities including cities, school districts, townships and the county, the Treasurer’s job is to collect taxes and collect payment for receipts owed to the county.


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