Council and school board take stand for Clarksville: Housing, workforce and community development

L-R: James Hoelscher, Lori Peterson, Phil Barnett, Kayla Hinders, Shellee Bartlett, Dianne Renning, Justin Clark, Chris Backer, Todd Fails, Kenneth Smith, Val Swinton, Shelley Maiers, Jeff Kolb, Tim Backer, Roger Doty and Karla Organist. (Bethany Carson photo.)

The Clarksville city council and school board met together with the Institute of Decision Making from UNI on Monday to brainstorm ideas for city and school growth and improvement.

     The three main issues brought to the table by the council and board were housing, workforce/jobs and community development, all three of which affect school enrollment numbers, the motivating factor for the meeting.

     “We don’t want to lose our school district. Enrollment is declining, and as mayor with the city council, one thing is we want to try to get people with kids to come in. I hope this is the first step in the process to convince more people to move to Clarksville,” said Mayor Val Swinton.

     The meeting was attended by a few Clarksville residents, who were also welcomed into the discussion. 


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