Clarksville trio plans to ride from Forest City to Indee

Clarksville cyclists Veronica Litterer, Kim Lodge and Sue Lodge embarked upon another RAGBRAI yesterday in Forest City. They plan to ride for three days, approximately 175 miles. (Pat Racette Photo)

No clip-in shoes or performance racing bikes are part of the entourage for Clarksville’s trio of RAGBRAI riders.

Sisters-in-law Sue and Kim Lodge and Michelle Litterer all ride at their own paces, meeting up with each other between towns. Sue, 63, the quilter, sewed pink fabric to everybody’s helmets to find each other in the crowds of hundreds.

“We’ll usually go into town a little ways and stop on the right side, and group again,” Kim said. “When we get to town, we’ll take our helmet off, set it on the bike and the pink on our helmet is what helps us find each other. You can see them coming from way down the road.”

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