A Clarksville Tradition

Santa prepares to spread joy at the nursing home with assistance from Jeff Kolb and Miss Clarksville Bethany Negen. (Bethany Carson photo.)

Santa has made a special trip to spread Christmas cheer through Clarksville for over 50 years, and this year was no exception. He arrived in a fire truck in Reading Park Saturday morning to greet children and distribute goodies, courtesy of the Commercial Club, with the help of Miss Clarksville, Bethany Negen, and Jeff Kolb, who also served as Santa’s chauffer.

     Kids asked for Legos and trucks, among other items. Santa was very relieved when one child asked for a toy horse, as he’s almost out of stock on real horses. The most challenging part of his job is keeping up with all the new toys kids ask for each year. He admitted confidentially that sometimes he doesn’t know what some of these new toys are until after the kids request them. And can you imagine trying to remember everything? Next year he might have to start taking notes.

     The most interesting item ever requested, he said, was a couple years ago, when a little girl asked for a credit card. Santa said it was like if someone were told one wish would be granted, and wished for five more wishes. He was impressed by her ingenuity.

     The next stops for Santa and his elves were Clarksville Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Westside Assisted Living Suites and the Community Retirement Village.


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