Clarksville students step up

New this year: the Clarksville Varsity Basketball Cheerleading Squad! L-R: Kylie Smith, Emily Wedeking, Danielle Ison, Allyson Essink, Hannah Freerks, and Credance Lundgren. (Clarksville CSD photo).

Student leadership and student-driven initiatives have reached new heights this year, as students work to bring school spirit to Clarksville with everything from pep rallies and cheerleading to a mentoring program.

     “The Clarksville student body has stepped up in many ways this year to make our school even better,” said Principal Keith Reuter. “The increased involvement of students has been the topic of conversation among many staff members.”

     Of late, students have been working on ways to increase attendance and school spirit at winter events. A student idea has led to bringing back the Spirit Couch for home events, and the mascot’s plan is to be present at every home game.

     “Cora Lundgren created themes to go along with each home game. For example, the first home game's theme is ‘Country Out; Indians showdown against Riceville,’” Reuter said.


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