Clarksville community comes together to add canopy

Darrel and Fred Kelm direct the auger’s depth in the process of planting a sapling Friday. (Pat Racette Photo)

Cora Lundgren and Emily Wedeking dig a hole for a sapling behind them, Dalton Rinnels is pictured in back. Trees Forever Committee member Lloyd Calease [behind tree] demonstrates one of the procedures used in planting a tree to the seventh-grade class. (Pat Racette Photo)

Trees Forever Committee combed through town last Friday morning, planting 25 saplings last Friday around town.

President Meredith Borchardt said this year’s batch of saplings replaced trees removed during the storm sewer project and lost in the 2012 drought.

“Overall, we worked toward our goal of diversifying the urban forest in Clarksville,” she said.

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