Business spotlight: Iron Design Iowa

Scott Weinberg creates custom signage and produces airplane parts at Iron Designs Iowa. (Bethany Carson photo)

At Iron Design Iowa, Scott Weinberg, a local farmer, creates custom metal signs for residences and businesses and builds parts for experimental aircraft.

     His signs are built to order and meant to last a lifetime. They range in size from one to 12-feet long. Some serve as entrance signs for houses and driveways. Others are attached to entrance rocks, buildings or trees.

     Weinberg doesn’t attempt to compete with cheap run-of-the-mill signs at craft stores. He hasn’t made a generic “Welcome” sign in years. His specialty is quality custom signage.

     “If they want a sign and want it to last a long time and look good, this is the way to go,” Weinberg said. “If they want just a welcome sign made out of thin tin, then that won’t last.”


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