Build a Better World Library reading program captivates children

Students race cars down an inclined plane during the Grout Museum presentation on simple machines. (Bethany Carson photo.)

The focus of the reading program this month at the Allison Public Library is building a better world. Featured speakers June 7-9 were the Mad Scientist Jim Birkel, Steve Martin of the Butler County Nature Center and Shannon Seehusen of the Grout Museum.

Jim Birkel gave a presentation on construction and destruction. The highlight of the program was when a 95-lb. child stood on six eggs, and the eggs did not break—in a demonstration of the strength of the dome in construction.

Children built bird feeders during Steve Martin’s presentation.

Shannon Seehusen of the Grout Museum showed students the workings of six simple machines: the lever, hammer, pulley, wheel and axle, inclined plane and screw. Children learned how these machines are used as catapults and hammers, as well as in cars, rolling pins, ramps, scissors and augers. 

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