Bethany Negen crowned Miss Clarksville

L-R: 2016 Miss Clarksville Emily Doty, 2017 Miss Clarksville Bethany Negen, 1st runner-up Paige Morrison, 2nd runner-up Danielle Ison and Miss Congeniality Madison Stirling. (Bethany Carson photo.)

Bethany Negen was crowned Miss Clarksville on June 8. Little Mr. Clarksville is Noah Sterken and Little Miss Clarksville is Aubrea Roman.

     First runner-up for the Miss Clarksville is Paige Morrison. Second runner-up is Danielle Ison, and Miss Congeniality is Madison Stirling.

     At the coronation Thursday, Miss Clarksville contestants were asked questions similar to those asked during judging: who is the most significant influence in your life, what is your favorite part of Clarksville and why, and as Miss Clarksville what will  you do to benefit yourself and the community.

     “The most significant influence in my life would have to be school, because it’s taught me the importance of education and knowledge and has inspired me to further my education,” Bethany Negen said.

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