Aquaponics program growing

Joe Bacheldor feeds the tilapia. (Bethany Carson photo.)

The aquaponics program at North Butler is growing, quite literally, as the largest tilapia have now grown to about 11 inches. Agricultural and vocational teacher Jym Hansen estimates the class has 250 fish in the tanks.

     The fish will soon be ready for breeding. A fry tank is ready for hatching eggs, and a 100-gallon fingerling tank is ready as the fish grow. A 150-gallon tank is on hand for the fish as they get slightly larger, before they’re moved to the three 300-gallon main tanks. It will be important to keep the fish at different levels of maturity separate, so the bigger fish do not eat the smaller ones.

     Student Joe Bacheldor said the fish started last school year should be ready for eating in three to four months.

     Purina is now sponsoring the class by providing as much Purina Aquamax fish food as the class orders, for free. So far Purina has supplied about 200 lbs. of feed.


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