April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

The Butler County Supervisors proclaimed April as Child Abuse Prevention month. From left, Nancy Hemann of Butler County Public Health, Supervisor Rusty Eddy, Shawna Lebeck of Butler County Visions of Well Being/Together 4 Families, and Supervisor Tom Heidenwirth. Not pictured: Supervisor Greg Barnett was serving jury duty. (Bethany Carson photo)

April was proclaimed Child Abuse Prevention Month at the Butler County Supervisors Meeting on April 2.

     Shawna LeBeck of But1ler County Visions of Well-Being (VOW) told the supervisors that Butler County Visions of Well for Well-Being and Together 4 Families are working to raise awareness that child abuse exists and to prevent its occurrence. This year during prevention month, they are focusing on the resources available to families and how important it is to celebrate kids.

     “One thing we do is advocate putting money into resources to help families of young children. It’s challenging to raise a family, and it takes a community: neighbors and helping service agencies. It’s important that elected officials and other people realize the importance of that,” Lebeck said. “One thing we’re highlighting this year is trying to emphasize the importance of the difference one caring adult makes in a child’s life. There are kids out there who feel lost. Things are not going well for them, and even having one person be there and pay attention to them and support them [makes a difference].”

     Lebeck encouraged adults to volunteer as mentors, Sunday School teachers or scout leaders to help kids.


Read more in the April 11 edition of the TRIBUNE.



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