Allison EMS Spotlight Shane Carlson


I have served the community since 2010. The reason I joined is because emergency services are short staffed, and it is often vital to have medical attention within minutes of an incident. The best part about being on the crew is helping the community and being part of the EMS family. The most challenging part is going on calls with an unfavorable outcome despite EMS intervention. To anyone considering being part of EMS, I would encourage them to. It can be challenging, but is worth it. I work at Wix Water Works as a service tech. In my spare time, I enjoy hunting and spending time with family and friends.
     This series spotlights current Allison EMS crew members and the work they do. The ambulance crew is currently in need of additional volunteers. If you’re interested in joining the team, speak with a crew member or call Allison City Hall.
Read more in the April 18 edition of the TRIBUNE.
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