2018 CHS All School Reunion

The Class of 1968 pauses for a 50-year class photo at the All-School Reunion. (Bethany Carson photo.)

The ringing of a school bell at 10:00 Saturday morning, in the east gym called the alumni and guests to locate their class years signs, marked with maroon and white balloons. The guests had been welcomed to the reunion by the School Mascot, portrayed by Conner Freerks, the Alumni Committee and many other alumni volunteers for the reunion.  At the registration table, the Clarksville Star provided Maddie Poppe posters and the Star newspaper insert reporting her American Idol weekly happening leading to her being named the 2018 American Idol.

     There were 128 alumni registered plus 22 other guests. This includes the four teachers, bringing the total present to 150. The 50-year 1968 honor class had 22 members present at the reunion and expected others to join them on the Pioneer Day Parade Float and an evening meal. A special cheerleader CHS maroon Megaphone was brought back by Marcella Dilly from Omaha as a treasured memory.

     There were eight classmates from 1958 present with others to join them later. The Class of 1963 had 14 present. Registration showed the States of AR-1, FL-2, IN-1, MN-2, NE-2, KS-2, TX-1, WI-2, plus many town from across Iowa.  

“Let the Alumni

Memories begin.”

    The All School Reunion program began with a welcome extended to the guests by Lola Clark on behalf of the alumni committee. 


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