07/31/2014 - 8:21am
Business seemed to be booming for Wink’s Diner (271 N. Main St.), opening just eight-and-a-half months ago. But last Friday morning, co-owner Zach Winkowitsch closed the doors for good. Mayor Scot Henrichs said he had planned to eat there for lunch that day, but drove by and didn’t know what was going on. Read full story in the July 31 Tribune-Journal.
07/31/2014 - 8:18am
Before leaving town, riders stopped at the water trough on Superior Street to fill up before heading 12.5 miles to Waverly. Major David Kelm stopped in for a few gulps with riders as well in the afternoon last Thursday. (Pat Racette Photo) See more RAGBRAI in the July 31 Clarksville Star.
07/31/2014 - 8:15am
Josie Weinschenk of Allison waited for her son and nephew’s Team, Rawhide Riders, to make it Clarksville during RAGBRAI. Though her son wasn’t riding that day, she met up with them later in the afternoon. (Pat Racette Photo) See more RAGBRAI in the July 31 Tribune-Journal.
07/31/2014 - 8:13am
Surge upon surge of RAGBRAI cyclists came and went through town last Thursday; during day five of the 42nd annual bike ride across Iowa. Several bikers dropped in to town for a few hours, eventually making their way 12.5 miles to stay overnight in Waverly. Jeff Kolb, Clarksville’s RAGBRAI Committee chairman the past three years,...
07/31/2014 - 8:09am
The Farmers Cooperative of Allison continues to pump out water in the creek south of town where the North Railroad Ave. storm sewer feeds. Due to a fertilizer spill in town three weeks ago, the creek had to get dammed off before going upstream. Read full story in the July 31 Tribune-Journal.
07/31/2014 - 8:08am
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency announced that federal disaster aid has been made available to the state of Iowa to supplement state and local recovery efforts in the area affected by severe storms, tornadoes, straight-line winds and flooding during the period of June 14-23. Butler...
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